Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue massage is a technique designed to peneatre the deepset structures of muscle and fascia tissue, also called connective tissue it is more facused on releasing muscle tension or knots (Known as "adhesions") Therapeutic massage that seeks to harmonize body, mind, and emotions through contact with the aim of improving the health and vitality of theperson receiving it.

Among its benefits we find:

If you have given yourself a relaxing massage before, you will probably identify some of the benefits that we highlight below:

  1. Relax the body and mind, promoting deep breathing and eliminating the feeling of anxiety.
  2. Reduces and eliminates muscle aches, such as knots, pulls or contractures.
  3. Strengthens blood circulation, thereby increasing the supply of oxygen in organs and tissues.
  4. It improves the nervous system.
  5. Create a feeling of well-being.
  6. It helps to eliminate toxins and dead cells, thanks to a greater amount of lymphatic fluid flow, which achieves a healthier, smoother and prettier skin.
  7. Recover energy and accumulated fatigue (promoted by stress, exercise or physical exertion).
  8. It contributes to nutrient digestion and waste disposal.
  9. Increase natural defenses.
  10. Stimulates sexual appetite, because it improves areas such as self-esteem and vital energy.

Price For 1/2 Hour

  1. Deep Tissue Massage: $ 15 USD.

Price For 1 Hour

  1. Deep Tissue Massage: $ 25 USD.

    Duration Time

  1. 1/2 Hour
  2. 1 Hour
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